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Today is my last day of work for the summer! Yipee! I’ve been working doubles most days this summer, and I’m exhausted. At the same time, I really love working. I love to work because of the community I work in. I live and work in a town with a population of about 110. Cooke City, Montana is coined as the “coolest small town in America”, and in my opinion, it’s spot on.

I grew up spending time in Cooke City each summer, as my grandparents have been coming here long before I was born. My parents started building our cabin when I was in middle school, so I have been spending more time each year up in these mountains since I was a pre-teen. These mountains really do feel like home to me.

As I was walking through town with my dog today I realized how sad I am to be leaving Cooke for so long! Going somewhere new and exciting always comes with leaving another place, and that is always so hard for me. When I left Fort Collins for Cooke in May, it was one of the hardest moves I’ve ever made. I cried all the way out of Colorado! Going is impossible without leaving, so I might as well get used to leaving places since I plan on going so many as well!

I love where I live for so many reasons. When I’m walking into town from home, people roll down their windows and yell “hey, Sarah!”. When I’m at the coffee shop, the baristas know my order, and when I ask what my coworkers usually drink so that I can bring them drinks, the baristas know exactly what they want too. I love where I live because people truly experience nature here, and most people live life outdoors adventuring! I also get to see my family often, as I live with two of my brothers, and my grandparents are right next door. Cooke City has been the best place for me to be the last couple of summers.

My point is that even though I am so excited to go, I am sad to leave. It’s okay to have and honor both of those emotions. Feeling one doesn’t take away from the other.

10 more days!



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