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au pair adventures 08.01.19.

Well, it is officially the month that I move!!! I leave in fewer than two weeks! In just 12 days I will leave home and head for Bozeman, where I will be flying out. To say that I am in planning mode would be a huge understatement. Making sure I have all of my visa requirements, over analyzing every item on my packing list, researching how to get from the Seattle airport to the original Starbucks during my 8-hour layover, and looking up bookstores nearest to my new town. The over-planning definitely helps to calm my nerves about the whole thing. I know it will be such a wonderful experience, and I also know that the unknown is always a bit scary! I am terrified that I won’t be able to learn German, and I am excited that I get the opportunity to try. I am terrified that I will miss my family greatly, and am excited that I get to join a new one for a time. I am terrified that I won’t make good friends, and I am excited that I have the chance to make friends from different parts of the world. Both my excitement and fear are totally valid.

I have two days left of work (four shifts), and honestly, I’m pretty checked out. I tell any customer who is willing to listen about how I leave in two weeks, and beam with excitement as I spill random details about my soon-to-be town and host family. I have found it extremely reassuring that many older and wiser customers I have served tell me how they think it is so awesome that I’m doing this. Many encourage me to do as much as I possibly can while I’m young and free. I assure them that I plan to do exactly that.

There have been a few customers who question with slight judgement why I am not using my degree as I waitress and travel to be an aupair, or who ask what my parents think of me doing this. I generally just laugh and walk away, but I know why. I refuse to buy into the idea that my productivity is my value. I am becoming a citizen of our larger world. I am learning about different people and places. I am becoming a stronger and more independent woman. I am finding joy in so many moments. And my parents couldn’t be prouder.



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