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au pair adventures 07.19.19.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

My next grand adventure starts in 25 days! Eeeeeek! I'm moving to a country where I know (close to) none of the language and am moving in with a family I've never met... and I couldn't be more excited!

Becoming an au pair was never in my plan. Ever. I had thought about maybe living in NYC for a year or two as a professional nanny after my undergrad, but never thought about going out of the country to do that. Then... graduate school applications started... and I kept waiting to get excited for graduate school... and it just didn't happen. After living so adventurously and experiencing so much during undergrad, it didn't sound appealing to settle down quite yet. So, I went to Google and started to randomly search "cool jobs". I found out more about being an au pair, like how you must also be learning about the culture in your host country (usually in the form of learning the language), and how you live with the family and travel with them as well.

I thought about it for about a day, decided I would never regret doing something adventurous, and decided I had to make it happen. I made an account on and started interviewing with families that week. Not to toot my own horn (maybe a little), but because I have my undergrad degree in a field that focuses heavily on child development, all the families I talked to really wanted me as their au pair. So, luckily, I got to be very picky in choosing my host family!

I searched through families in Australia (crossed that off early on because I knew I wanted to learn a new language), Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (obvi, I just love the mountains). I decided upon Austria mostly because of the feeling I had when I visited last October, and also because the regulations are more in the au pair's favor.

My host family is AWESOME!!! I'm not exaggerating one bit. They live in Kitzbühel, Austria, a small ski resort town right in the middle of the alps. The family is so outdoorsy and adventurous. There are two children, a boy and a girl, 7 and 5. They are SO adorable and seem so fun already. Also, they have a vacation home in Italy. Does it get better than that? What really sealed the deal, though, was that it was so easy to talk to the family and I had a gut feeling that it would really work out well.

So, that's that. My au pair adventure begins very soon. I still have lots to do... learn more German in order to pass my exam for my visa, get a background check, have my birth certificate authenticated, my oh my... but it will get done! I'm doing my best to continue living exactly where I am now in this moment, instead of becoming so excited for the next adventure that I forget what a blessing this present moment is. It is still summer, I'm still working, and I'm still adventuring all the time in my mountains with my family.



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