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25 before 25

One of my ‘big life goals’ or whatever you want to call it is to live to 100. Becoming a centenarian just seems so awesome. I know that in order to do that, I need to live a healthy and happy life- so that’s what I try to do. One thing that I know brings me so much happiness and joy is traveling and exploring new places. New boutiques, new foods, new hikes, and new places to be in awe of. Those things all fill my bucket.

Because I know I love goal setting, I figured I might as well make a goal out of my love for traveling. I saw online a few weeks ago that the world record for youngest person to visit every country in the world was just broken. How awesome!!!! So adventurous. I’m way too old to break that record (and way too broke), so I needed something a little more on my level. So, I decided it would be really great if I could see at least one country each year that I’m alive in this world. So, if I make it to 100, I need to start getting on track to see 100 countries. So far, I’ve been to 16 (you can read a bit about each country here). I’m 22, so I’m currently 4 behind. My goal in order to get caught up with my big life goal is to make it to 25 countries before I turn 25! Totally possible.

I’m going to Austria and Italy soon, but I’ve already been to both of those countries so they won’t add any more countries to my list. My top countries for the next year (while I’m living in Austria) to visit are Switzerland, Norway, and Poland. That will bring me to 19. I’ll keep you updated!



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