I'm on a journey to reach 25 countries before I turn 25. So far, I've been to 16. Read a bit about each country!

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October 2018

I visited Salzburg and some surrounding areas while I was studying abroad. The Kaiserlift in Kufstein was absolutely stunning. It was one of my favorite days ever, actually. The amazing time I had during my few days in Austria led me to choose Austria as my host country for this upcoming year.


Summer 2009

My family and I went to Canada in 2009 after dropping my brother off at college on the east coast. We went to Niagara Falls. We got to our hotel in the middle of the night and I remember being sad because it was the nicest hotel of the entire two week long trip.


October 2018

Our weekend trip to London was supposed to be the cheapest of our weekend trips during study abroad. Our flights from Dublin to London were only 30 Euros. It ended up being the most expensive trip... we were homeless one night because of a terrifying hostel. Best choice= bike tour. Worst choice= expensive tea.


Summer 2014

Korah Village outside of Addis Ababa was so heartbreaking, yet the people were so full of joy. The people all lived on what they could find in the landfill. It was hard to watch hundreds of flies landing on children's faces and the children not flinch. We went on this mission with the great organization Ordinary Hero.


October 2018

Elevators smaller than my suitcase, mass in French (I'm not Catholic!), so much creme brulee, and a camera breaking while watching the sun set over the Eiffel Tower. IMOHO, Versailles is slightly overrated, and the Montmartre District is absolutely the best part of Paris.


October 2018

We were taking scenic photos the second we left the airport in Munich- that's how beautiful everything was. A few tips- everyone will be naked in the steam room, prepare yourself. Go to Berchtesgaden National Park, it's a total dream. The photo at the top of this page was taken there.


July 2016

My older brothers and I went to Iceland to backpack the Laugavegur-Fimmvorduhals trail, which is listed on Nat Geo's Top 10 Most Beautiful Trails in the World. It certainly did not disapoint! The trail had such a variety of scenery, and we were amazed by the midnight sun. The Ring Road was also fun- we camped along the road in some odd places!


Fall 2018

I lived in Dublin for four months during the fall of 2018, and attended Trinity College Dublin for psychology. Dublin was absolutely amazing, but my favorite spots in Ireland are in the countryside. The Dingle Peninsula was stunning- very quintessential Ireland like you see in the postcards. I will make an entire blog post about things to do in Ireland!


Summer 2012

I went to Italy on a school trip during high school. We visited Venice, Rome, Naples, and Florence. It was amazing! Naples and Venice were my favorites, and Rome was too busy for me. I will never forget diving into the Mediterranean sea after walking down the most beautiful steps from our hotel in Naples.


2001, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2017

My parents have been going to Akumal, Mexico for more than 30 years. My siblings and I have been very fortunate to go many times. We usually rent a house in Akumal and spend time snorkeling, eating lots of chips and salsa, and playing in the pool.


September 2018

Amsterdam was my first weekend trip during studying abroad. My flat mates and I went very last minute and decided we might as well start traveling right away! I reread Anne Frank's Diary right before we went and it made the Anne Frank House so much more special. I recommend touring the Anne Frank House, taking a canal boat tour, and going to the Van Gogh Museum.


November 2018

Some call Northern Ireland's Giant Causeway the 8th wonder of the world. It really was quite spectacular. The Titanic Museum was very well done. I found a very old copy of Chronicles of Narnia in a used book store in Belfast, which is where C.S. Lewis is from.


December 2018

I went to Portugal with my cousin for 10 days at the end of my study abroad semester. I had one day all alone in Lisbon and it was one of the most special days of my time abroad. Traveling solo is scary and so rewarding. We absolutely loved Porto- I could have spent all 10 days just in that city. Livraria Lello has been noted as the most beautiful bookstore in the world, and is said to have inspired several parts of Harry Potter, as J.K. Rowling lived in Porto.


December 2018

Scotland is awesome. I would go back in a second. Scotland was a surprise trip planned by my mom and my aunt. We had such a wonderful time in Edinburgh. We were there while the Christmas markets were up and it was very magical. The Edinburgh Castle is amazing, as were the castles we toured on our day trip into the countryside. My favorite moments in Scotland were walking through the city and having lots of red wine in a very quaint restaurant (where we were absolutely being too loud).


October 2018

I really wanted to go to a smaller city in Spain instead of Barcelona, but it was a trip that came with my study abroad program, so of course I went! My favorite parts of Barcelona were the bike tour (I really think this is the best way to see any city), Gaudi Park (very Cheetah Girls-esque), and how easy the public transportation was. Also, my favorite hostel of all time was in Barcelona, shoutout to Fabrizzio's Petit.


1997- today

I've spent time living in North Dakota, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Montana. I'm happiest when I'm in the mountains, but have enjoyed traveling to many different places in the states. My favorite big cities are New York and Boston.